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Set your goal and sign the Goalio Social Pact which posts to your social networks.

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Your partner decides each month if you receive your reward -or not

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Pick your monthly reward to be shipped directly to you.

Set your goals

fitness, life, career or custom goals
Pick from one of our membership categories or create your own custom smart goal

Sign the Goalio Social Pact, which blasts your goal to your chosen social accounts and the world. Sharing your goals keeps you accountable gives you a better chance of completing your goal.


Achieve your goals

Goalio is a reward system platform with the tools to help you achieve your goals. Here are some people that are committed to achieving their goals with us.

" I want to wake up at 5am every day"

" I want to lose 10lbs by December"

"I want to eat healthier every day"

"I want to start working on my business"

Choose a partner

your accountability partner
Your chosen accountability partner lets us know if you deserve the award for that month - or not.

Choose someone that can help keep you on track to completing your goals.

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a personalized reward
Track your monthly smart goal and choose each month what reward you would like to receive.

All rewards are personalized for your specific goal and membership category.

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keep each other on track
Chat with others who are looking to accomplish similar goals.

Share your progress as you go on to achieve your goals.

Start finishing your goals.

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