How to set SMART goals with Goalio

Setting goals using the SMART system has proven to work.

You might have heard the term "SMART" goals and that you should use them in your daily life, but do you know to apply the rules?

SMART goals are goals that are;


Choosing a specific goal is essential in setting your SMART goal. Goals like wanting to lose weight are broad while setting the goal that you want to lose 10 lbs is more specific. When you sign up for Goalio, you will choose your specific goal, which helps you hone what you want to accomplish in that month.


All Goalio goals need to be measurable; that is, there needs to be an end date. Let's say hooray! You have accomplished losing those 10 lbs, and you want to lose a couple of more. You completed your goal by the end date, and now you can update your profile with your new plan of shedding more weight with a revised deadline.


You can do anything you want to! As nothing is impossible, we genuinely believe that setting realistic goals is crucial to making sure you complete them. We all know you can't lose 20 lbs in one day, so being true to yourself and your goal will help you reach the end of the rainbow. Goalio helps you stay on track by posting exclusive tips and tricks via e-mail and your dashboard.


Your goal should coincide with the direction you are going in your life. If you want to switch careers from a lawyer to a well-renowned piano player (with no experience), there are baby steps that you are going to have to take to reach your goal! Making sure these small jumps are included in your goals will help put you on the right track. You can change your goals, deadlines, and categories at any time in your profile.


Deadlines are essential in all aspects of life, including goal-setting. Set your deadline for when you want to accomplish this goal, and don't rush! Setting a realistic timeline proves to be more successful in helping you achieve your goal. Update your deadline in your profile if you need more time! We want to help you accomplish your goals while treating you for all your effort and the hard work we know it takes to achieve a goal.

Sign up to Goalio today and get started working on your dreams!

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